Visionen braucht das Land

For a fundamental change, visions are needed. My vision sounds great and (almost) unattainable, but it is beginning to bear fruit, in every good deed and in every upright word – by many millions of people, every day anew! Because many small steps result in big changes.

With (small) local steps to global changes.

Vision – The First World Peace

My vision is (in short form) that we start or sustain people to flow with the flow of life. To recognize ourselves as wonderful (and faulty) beings embedded in a gigantic spectacle of this cosmos and our beautiful earth (self-knowledge). That we have a Creator, no matter what we call him / her / it – this spiritual origin is existent (knowledge of God) and we are his children shaping this creation! That we recognize in what a beautiful, complex beauty we are born here and what a great responsibility we have for it (knowledge of the world). That we stop being divided into hair-splitting, prejudice and fear-inducing ideologies / religions and start living permanently in peace, freedom and equality in the law (knowledge for community). So first of all make us aware of a few things, because from an awake consciousness also grows a peaceful, lively and diverse world.

True to the motto: Imagine it is war and nobody goes!

Recognizing each other as unique beings that are one together. Every culture, every people may have their own homeland, their own country and live in self-determination. In a world and society where human rights are truly lived and implemented, where everyone has access to healthy drinking water, healthy eating, medical care, a dry private warm home, energy, education, information / Internet, warmth, society, freedom of occupation Freedom of expression and demonstration, freedom in spirituality and love is given. Of course, with the duties and responsibilities for the community and our beautiful earth. This is not just the absence of war. I call this vision the first world peace and it starts in each one of us.

An utopia? The paradise? Yes, certainly, but big ideas have to be started at some point!

What is your vision?

Peace be with you

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